publish packages

How can I publish Packages?

To be able to publish packages you need to have a Representative user account with access to your provider page. 

See how to register user account for representative.

Step 1: 
Prepare the text and up to 3 pictures for every package you are planning to publish. 

Step 2: 
Log in with your representative user account and go to your provider page. 

Step 3: 
Click on the edit button on top of your provider page. Provider page edit form will open. 

Step 4: 
In last section called Services & Packages you can add new packages. To do so, click on the button add new package. A package form will open. 

Step 5: 
Fill in the fields with name of the package, short description, upload up to 3 images (preferably 4:3 format, otherwise the image will be cropped to fit this format), services provided in package, URL (if you have a separate package page on your website) and description text. 

Step 6: 
Click save button under the description field, then click save button to save the package on your page. 

Step 7:
Check your package on Info tab, if you need to adjust any information further. Also you can check your package been published on listings accessible from package menu on to top menu bar.