Introduction to Travel Agencies


MedicalTourism.Review is a platform with a purpose to help patients to find the treatment that is safe, available, and affordable abroad. 

Our website provides the first step information where users can see listings of hospitals, clinics, wellness facilities and travel agencies that partner with these providers. 

This information will help them understand the concept of treatment abroad better and see available opportunities that can be better suited to their needs. 

MedicalTourism.Review understands the crucial role in the treatment process of a facilitator that will give more detailed information on the options the patient already choose, organize and support the patient in her/his most vulnerable moment in life and assure patient's safety and well being. 

For that purpose, we have assigned a strong role for Travel Agencies on MedicalTourism.Review to assure safety and best outcome of the treatment by informing the user of the importance of using a facilitator during the trip. 

We have included: 

  • Travel Agency listings. 
  • Categorisation by Country as destination coverage.
  • Provider Type to help patients understand what kind of support the Provider has available. 
  • Services searchable trough out the platform. 
  • Partners with what Hospitals and Clinics the Travel Agency works with so if the patient already chooses a Hospital he/she knows who to contact for support of the trip. 
  • Packages, a separate page where the user can find treatment he/she is looking for in specific destination that includes full or partial support by a Travel Agency.
  • All this information is searchable on MedicalTourism.Review and also on search engines like google.