Introduction to Hospitals

The purpose of MedicalTourism.Review (MTR) is to help patients find treatments that are safe, affordable and available abroad.

We focus on easy discoverability, accessibility, and information that will help users to find treatments that are suitable for their needs. 

For that purpose MTR contains:

  • Hospital, Clinic, and Wellness facilities listings from over 100 countries;
  • Specialities that can be filtered, so users can find a Provider that provides medical services they are looking for;
  • Reviews to help users to understand what experience to expect when they come to a specific provider by relating to other patients stories;
  • Questions and answers, to help patients with the questions that they have;
  • Listings of packages available with various filters, so users can find available packages in the country they are looking for;
  • Community - gathers all patients and doctors together in an on-going discussion related to Medical Tourism.
  • Search - all information is searchable by keywords and filters, so users can find treatments by specialties, country, and provider name. 

All that is searchable on MTR can also be found through search engines.