Claim My Listing Page

How to claim my listing on MedicalTourism.Review?

To claim your Hospital, Clinic, Medical Tourism Agency, or Wellness listing page you need to become representative.

The process of registering user account for representative is very easy.

Step 1:

Register a user account. See how to register a user account here. 

Step 2:

Log in with your user account.

Step 3:

Find the listing page you want to claim. You can find your listing page in 2 ways.

  1. Search Bar - type the name of your listing on the top right search bar and find your listing in the results. (Make sure you choose the right listing because many listings have similar names)
  2. Go to your category - (Medical for Clinics and Hospitals, Wellness for Spa, Beaty Clinics and Rehabs, Travel Agency for Medical Facilitators) choose your country and find the listing in the results ( you can narrow down the list by choosing ¨More Filters¨ and write your listing name. 

If you did not find your listing you can submit it. More on how to submit your listing here. 

Step 4:

On the listing page verify by your website and other information that this is your listing. 

If you are sure that this is your listing page you can claim it by clicking on ¨Claim this provider! ¨ link on the top right area under the ¨Represented by; ¨ section. 

It will take you on the confirmation page where you have to confirm that you want to be the representative of this listing page.

Step 5:

After you confirm your claim, we will receive the notification about your claim, and it will take from 1 hour to couple of days to get your claim approved. When you get approved as a representative of the listing page you will get a notification on your email, which means that you have full access to edit your free listing page. 

Read more on your free listing options here.