Hair Transplant in Turkey Guide and Price Comparison 

In this article, you will read about:

  • Types of Hair Transplant.
  • Price of Hair Transplant in Turkey.
  • What Does a Hair Transplant Package Include?
  • Am I Eligible for Hair Transplant Surgery?
  • Is Hair Transplant Surgery Effective?
  • How to Choose a Good Clinic for Hair Transplant?

Types of Hair Transplant Surgery

All hair transplant surgeries follow the same basic steps: Anastasia, extracting donor hairs, separating follicular units, opening channels, and implantation. But there are a few slightly different techniques you can choose which are briefly explained below.

According to Emin Çakmak, head of the development council of health tourism of Turkey about 60,000 medical tourists come for hair transplants every year. It is estimated that there are between 150-500 hair transplant surgeries each week. The most health tourists for hair transplantation are from the United Arab Emirates.

FUE hair transplant

FUE transplants are the most standard procedure. Individual hair follicles are extracted from the donor part of the scalp with a steel or sapphire blade. The follicles are then inserted into small cuts where the hair is missing. The cuts should reproduce the natural direction of your hair. The follicles are expected to grow new hairs in the previously bald patch. With an FUE procedure, multiple sessions will be necessary to achieve a higher success rate and the desired results.

FUT hair transplant

With FUT surgery, instead of extracting single hair follicles from the scalp, they cut away a strip of them. This strip is then divided into single follicles or small groups that are inserted as with the FUE procedure.

Direct Hair Implant (DHI) Choi pen

Direct hair transplant using Choi pens is a modern hair transplant method similar to FUE. DHI follows the same path as the FUE up until the incision and implantation stage. The difference is the used equipment. DHI hair transplant uses a hollow needle that looks like a pen called the Choi implantation pen. When using the Choi pen the two steps can be combined into one. The Choi pen is firstly loaded with individual extracted hairs, the pen can at the same time open channels and implant the hair follicles. Being a newer technique, it is the most expensive one.

Before you decide on a hair transplant in Turkey, be sure to explore our comprehensive guide on Hair Transplant to understand more about what's involved. 

Hair Transplant Surgery Price in Turkey

The average price for a hair transplant procedure in Turkey is between 1500 - 3000$. 

Comparing to:

  • 4000 - 20000$ in the USA
  • 6000 - 35000$ in the UK
  • 3000 - 6000$  in the UAE 

The pricing differs from clinic to clinic and depends on what kind of hair transplant you choose. The cheapest is the FUT, followed by the standard FUE, the sapphire FUE is more expensive because it uses a blade made out of sapphire stone that causes less scarring and has faster healing, the most expensive one is the DHI because it is the latest technique.

The clinics usually offer packages that can include:

  • Consultation, exams, and tests
  • The Hair Transplant
  • First medications and Shampoo Set
  • Local Anaesthesia
  • Surgical equipment and garment
  • Accommodation 
  • Follow-up Checks
  • Airport-Hotel-Clinic Transfers

Eligibility for Hair Transplant in Turkey

The standard patient suitable for the transplant should be:

  • In good physical health;
  • Free of blood-borne infections;
  • Hereditary baldness;
  • With a stabilized hair loss pattern.

Non-eligible patients are those who:

  • Suffer from hair loss caused by an autoimmune disorder;
  • Have full androgenic baldness;
  • Have or diffuse unpatterned alopecia, alopecia Universalis, alopecia totalis;
  • Who do not have enough donor hair density;
  • Who suffer from blood-borne diseases (hepatitis B, hepatitis C, hepatitis D, HIV, etc.).

People that have some form of metabolic syndromes and homeostatic imbalances as diabetes or hypertension, have to take medication for their conditions and have a stable state of health in order to have hair transplant surgery. And even then, not everyone can be accepted for the surgery. If you have any health concerns you should consult a doctor before considering a hair transplant. 

Effectiveness and Popularity of Hair Transplant Surgery

According to the last report of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery in 2016, almost 600,000 hair transplant surgeries were performed worldwide. The numbers are growing considerably each year which proves how popular the procedure is.

The results of a hair transplant surgery are permanent and you should see the full results around 6 months after the surgery. The doctor should be able to transplant the follicular at a success rate of not less than 90% but ideally, it would be 95-98% or even 100% of the follicles growing. Your results are strictly related to how skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable your doctor is. Hair transplant clinics in Turkey are accredited by their Government and by many international organizations. We recommend you to choose an accredited institution with international quality standards as there are patient complaints of poor quality and unsatisfying results. 

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