Relex Smile Laser Eye Surgery Formedi Clinic

Meet the 3rd Generation Gen3 laser technology!

Who wouldn't want to see sharper? Today, ReLEx SMILE, which has been accepted as a 3rd generation laser treatment, is a safe and sensitive latest personal advanced laser technology which is painless, blade-free, fast healing treatment with closed system (without tissue removal) and can be used for the treatment of myopia (up to -10) and astigmatism (up to 5).

Details of ReLEx SMILE Method

  • Application chances for thin corneas
  • Performed in high myopia and astigmatism eyes
  • Better protection of the cornea structure
  • Flap free (without tissue removal) and single staged closed surgery
  • Nature-identical results
  • Less eye dryness

Stages of SMILE Laser Treatment Method:

  • With a Zeiss Visumax femtosecond technology, a thin lenticular (disc-shaped tissue) is created by one single step in the front of the eye (cornea).
  • The surgeon removes the created lenticular from the cornea outside the 2.0 mm opening in the cornea. There is no need to cut any flap.
  • With the cornea reshaping by removal of the lenticular formed in the eye, the refractive disorder in the eye is corrected. Corneal biomechanics are less affected by no flap formation.

Relex Smile Laser Eye Surgery is from 2190€ EUR (both eyes)


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